Dead Tree Pickup.  4th of January 2023.

Dead Tree Pickup. 4th of January 2023.


Pickup of your Dead Tree is as of Wed the 4th of Jan 2023.   Your tree MUST BE OUTSIDE PRIOR 7am Wed the 4th.  We will be passed to collect starting 7am the 4th.  We will have all dead trees collected by 5pm Sunday 8th Jan.  If we call past and your tree is not avaliable, we cannot return.  Sorry.


    Dead Tree Pickup is a service Scouts offer to try to responsibly dispose of the trees after Christmas.  All trees are collected and mulched, to then be return into the soil when they have lived their lives.  The growing, cutting, using and ultimately mulching and returning to the soil is a great environmental idea.  The whole process is a fantastic way of capturing and locking in Carbon from our atmosphere and returning it into the soil, instead of re-releasing it into our air.  By choosing to Mulch, you are helping the planet.


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