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Scout Christmas Trees is a fund raiser for the 1st Craigieburn Scout Group.  All trees are hand selected, cut free daily and delivered to your door by a very cheerful but probably tired Scout volunteer.

Many people are not aware, all Scouting is entirely based upon volunteer work as we as a fully self-funded program.

All the equipment, including our Hall, tents, camping gear, cooking equipment etc; yes, including our ropes we tie knots with; must be bought from funds we raise ourselves,


We are very fortunate that we have a very big-hearted supporter in Fab, the owner of the North Pole Christmas Tree Farm, who very generously allows us to sell his WORLD ACCLAIMED Christmas Trees.


That's not to say you can't come up to the farm and cut your own because you can.  It is a fantastic family day out and there is no better feeling to know you and the family have gone and found your perfect tree, cut it down and taken it home yourselves. 


If you do come up to the farm, we'd love to see you there.


If you choose to cut your own tree, you can still support the Scouts by popping in for a sausage and cold drink at the Scout BBQ.

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